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Penang 2nd Bridge Expected open in 1st March 2014

Penang Second Bridge open on 1st March 2014?

Penang Gangnam Style fever

The Korean Gangnam style became hot news which took the world by storm. It was reported in international CNN heavily and became the hottest youtube search around the globe. The PSY's Oppa Gangnam Style video hits more than 100 millions view just in a week!

Penang Escape Theme Park

Get a total hassel free weekend to enjoy the exiting rides and fun

Penang Street Art

Some of the Penang streets suddenly become visitors focus and visiting spots. The Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuanian street artist currently living in George Town, located in the province of Penang, Malaysia has changed the almost dying Penang street back to alive.


洁莹与慧婷出现在槟城著名的购物广场Gurney Paragon 配合Astro Malaysian Music 与周金亮本地歌曲创作歌手一起戴歌戴舞唱《用槟城的沙滩来说爱你》。 歌曲如:《浪花一朵朵》, RASA SAYANG, 《大肚腩》《对面的女孩看过来》《用马来西亚的天气来说爱你》等明歌。。 歌迷饱受演唱的《热浪》气氛。。还有一瓶瓶的沙罐,配合音乐的旋律。。美极力!!

Aphelia 艾菲利亚 - 东方医学,美丽根本

随时將在意的荳荳變不见 只要一筆在手,輕輕一點消除荳荳痕跡,隨時放在包包裡、 鉛筆盒,用於保養、上妆前後,而且感觉溫和舒適,不刺激!

Penang Channel - a green advertising platform

We are the pioneer in internet video advertisement and publicity ! Also we are the leader in Green Advertising as we do not used printing media such as magazine, advertisement booklets, paper flyers, brochures, newspapers, streamers and banners.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Penang Bridge Marathon - Fun Run

Penang Bridge Marathon 2012 is the last marathon for 1st Penang Bridge. Next year marathon will be held at Penang 2nd Bridge (which is now still under construction). Many years back i took part in Penang Bridge full marathon, i still remember how stressful and painful of both my leg. Very fortunate, i managed to finish the run, but have to take almost a week to rest down because both leg can't really walk properly after the run.

This round due to aging, i just go for Fun Run. You can see the different - a lot of fun, no pain, no stress!! See the picture and video i took along the fun run.


Many just take a walk and run for fun, bring along family members, to enjoy the sweeps, the beautiful scenery, no traffics, fresh morning air and sun shine. Your mind and soul became so relax when you walk on the Penang Bridge which is totally no traffics.
Morning sunshine is so beautiful and charming...Do you think wanna to join the Marathon (fun run) again next year? Do not hesitate to post your comment. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Penang Escape Theme Park

ESCAPE is the new genre of theme park with exciting rides and activities for everyone. ESCAPEwill be a world-class leisure and tourism destination that promotes an appreciation of nature in a fun and engaging manner. ESCAPE challenges people of all ages to embrace the notion that growing up is optional. At ESCAPE, there are no rules here, just act like a child and have fun!

One of the most popular activities is the Tubby Racer. A gravity ride in which the participant sits in a Tubby tube and enjoys a ride through a twisting and turning journey through the landscape. Single Tubby tubes can be used or can be linked together for a family to experience the thrill together.

One of the top attraction for adventure activity is Monkey Business. See how they enjoy and had fun being a 'MONKEY' There are 3 levels of challenging outdoor personal development and team building rope courses. By moving from one obstacle to another the participant uses balancing, climbing and reaching skills to navigate the course.

Map to go to Penang Escape Theme Park

To learn more and plan your holiday in Penang Escape Theme Park, visit http://www.escape.my

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Penang Furniture Exhibition (Penfurnex 2012)

Penfurnex - The Premier Furniture Exhibition in the North since 2004!
PENFURNEX is organized by Penang Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers Association (PFMDA) in May and August act as a platform for furniture entrepreneurs and consumers in the northern region to showcase latest, innovative ideas as well as elegant furniture and furnishing designs to meet the high level of quality demanded by today’s consumers. Since the 1st Penfurnex held in 2004, consumers now has the best opportunity to source for the best furniture and furnishing products at competitive price.

槟州家居展销会是由具同业商所举办的常年家具与家居展览,为北马与消费者提供平台示家具与家居产品及获取最新概念。自 2004年举办第一届槟州家居展销会,广大的消费群 透过有关展览获得以优惠价购买高品质的家具与居产良机。
12th Penfurnex 2012 Promo Video  
Click here to Penfurnex official website for more details 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lee Chong Wei wedding

The badminton game is one of the lifestyle and sport game that most Malaysian shared and talked about it. One name that most Malaysian known : Lee Chong Wei is because of badminton, now people started called him Dato' Lee Chong Wei. He makes Malaysia proud because of each games he played, the Malaysian flag can be seen and the titles won. He is now world rank No 1 ahead of his favorite enemy Lin Dan from China.

Lee Chong Wei created the legend of Malaysia Badminton in the world ranking and definitely have thousands of fans who do not missed his game and all his tournament activities. The Bagan Serai (Perak) born boy but resided at Bukit Mertajam (Penang) became one of the national asset. Everywhere he goes, whatever he do has reporters who do not missed out. His news are nationwide and international.

This time not because of he won the badminton title, but he is getting married with Wong Mew Choo who is girlfriend for more than 10 years. They knew each other in badminton field, now he the perfect time both tied knot and have the marriage life after Datuk Lee career has reached to the peak. He just celebrated his 30th birthday and he announced during won Silver medal in Olympic London 2012. He will continue playing badminton for 1 or 2 more years, also depends on his situation.

The new life will begin for this lovely couple. Wishing both a happy and last long marriage.
Badminton = Lee Chong Wei. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lee Chong Wei - Champion Yonex Denmark Open 2012

 The world No 1 Penang born Datuk Lee Chong Wei finally make his dream came true and celebrating his best 30th birthday present as Champion Yonex Denmark Open this year 2012. He played very conservatively in the beginning, he makes a lot of mistake sending shuttle out of line or stuck on net. He lost the first game 15-21 to his opponent Du PengYu the world ranking No 7. Datuk Lee Chong wei change his game paste and played more aggressively against his opponent Du PengYu from China in the second game and won 21-12.
The real fight match went into 3rd game, both tried his best to score every point. Datuk Lee had tough fight with Peng Yu till point draw, 17-17, 18-18 and 19-19. Datuk Lee Chong Wei have advantage on hand when Du PengYu make mistake and for Datuk Lee gained his championship point. In the final point, he make a jumping smash and fell straight on the line. He won 21-19 with USD 30,000 back home! Congratulations Datuk Lee!

Penang Monorail

I have been hearing about Penang Monorail project quite long time ago and it seems to be a scrapped project by the federal government under 9th NEP New Economic Project after opposition party Pakatan Rakyat took over the Penang State Government. One side the people needs the Monorail badly to ease the traffic congestion in the island. One side objections and protests by the residents who are affected by the monorail route. So, this project became a 'scrapped' items, the Penangites live still going on as normal but suffer with traffics problem all the time especially during holidays season, office hours and some unforeseen weather.

For the sick of release the traffic congestion problem, no matter who take over the state, people in Penang hope this project can be on again, at least can ease the worse traffic problem especially too many cars moving on the narrow roads. The patience is really been tested when slow moving cars are queuing at the bottle neck areas. People may have already used to it, but for long term, numbers of hours wasted on the road is definitely a non-productive hours. For tourists, they are not interested to come to Penang anymore when they saw kind of problem repeatedly happen. Poor public transport, unorganized road system etc

Would this project still alive? Let's hear some good news which might be released by Federal Government this year 2012. Penang has mega project like Penang 1st bridge, 2nd bridge still under construction. Look at the Monorail route plan, It is a good plan and will benefit a lot of office and factory workers who rely on cars to travel to their work place.

Related report dated May 2008 : The star Online
Related report dated Oct 2012 : Kwong Wah Online

Friday, October 19, 2012

Penang 9 Emperor Gods Festival

Every year Chinese Lunar Calender month nine day 1 to day 9, Penang going to have an important festival that most Penangites engaged, celebrated and followed. These 9 days, many devotees will go on vegetarian diet. There are many vegetarian stalls along the streets that served the devotees.

Each year there were many floats, all richly decorated and full of colored lights, which slowly moved through the streets of Georgetown’s historic center to finally reach the Weld Quay on the eastern waterfront of the town (in the photo above one of the floats).

Together with the floats a number of devotees processed along: some in a state of trance, some whipping the air with weaved whips, some with very long spears stuck into their cheeks. All around firecrackers, drums, singers, dragons and an immense crowd revering the procession. At the end, the procession arrived at the waterfront and in a surge of energy and loud noises the devotees were removed the spears and floats were sent off in the water.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dolphins found in Penang Channel

It is unusual if you see dolphins swim in the sea is not clean or murky sea. This time the dolphin swims across Penang Channel made the public wondering is Penang Channel clean enough for dolphins live here? The answer is uncertain and not clear according to Malaysian Nature Society Penang branch advisor Kanda Kumar, it is not unusual to see dolphins swimming off the coast of Penang. 

“We don’t know how many dolphins there were here previously and we don’t know how many are there now as there was no proper research done,” he said.
Dolphin sightings off the coast of Penang used to be quite common more than two decades ago but these sightings have dwindled over the years.
In the past two years, however, dolphin sightings have started cropping up again and in recent months, a few dead dolphins also have washed ashore.
Kanda attributed the increase in dolphin sightings, especially around the second bridge, to more people frequenting that area due to ongoing construction works. 
Just let the dolphins story continue, hope one day that dolphins would be one of the extraction to Penangites!
Enjoy the video footage captured by a cameramen on boat.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AES locations in Penang

The AES (Automated Enforcement System) operations has been effectively on 18th Sep 2012. It was carried out and implemented at areas where accident happen frequently. People who caught by the camera because of drive exceeded speed limit and cross after red light will receive compound RM300 within 5 days according to the authority in charged. The system already caught more than 2 thousand traffic offenders and now awaiting for compound letter.

AES locations in Penang has not clearly defined but these are the areas already have AES system in placed.

The Google map link AES locations http://www.projects.feedgeorge.com/aes/


North Bound
*Around Ayer Hitam in 60km/h zone.
*Before Perwaja Steel.
*Sg Petani junction.
*Between Seberang Jaya junction and Sg Dua Toll.
* Penang Bridge at island end.Speed limit 80km/h.

South Bound
* Penang Bridge island end. Speed limit 80km/h.
*About 2km before Juru Toll Speed limit 90km/h.

Those identified AES areas nationwide are :  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style Dance Competition

The Oppa Gangnam Style dance fever continues hit most of the cities in the world. The dance has been copied and performed differently with background PSY Oppa Gangnam Style Parody. Most TV, entertainment channel, schools, institutes learned, duplicate and dance it rapidly around the world now.

Now is the chance who wanted to participate and show his/her talent in Oppa Gangnam Style dance in Penang. In conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festo Rama at Beach Street, Penang. Date 30th Sept 2012 (12-2pm) . More information in http://www.kwongwah.com.my/news/2012/09/23/1.html Anyone who wanted his/her dance to be recorded and posted to YouTube, please contact us at
facebook http://www.facebook.com/penangichannel or call us 018-4022766 advertiser/sponsors of the video production are welcome.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Penang Gangnam Style fever

The Korean Gangnam style became hot news which took the world by storm. It was reported in international CNN heavily and became the hottest youtube search around the globe. The PSY's Oppa Gangnam Style video hits more than 100 millions view just in a week!  What so special about it and many Penangites now crazy about it. According to the news, the video is just funny act of 'Horse Ride' dance.

But now was transform into my styles which seen posted to YouTube. Some was featuring Penang's tourist places, heritages and food. What's a spread by Gangnam Style!!

One of the Gangnam style took place was at the Amenian Street and featured the lovely street art and wall painting of the 2 little kids riding on bicycle.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Malaysia National Day - Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka

Malaysia will celebrate its 55th Independent Day on 31st August. Come Celebrate Merdeka Countdown at Auto-City, SHOP-IN d’PARK, SKY TV on the 30th August.

We will have celebration with family and youth orientated events & activities including
live entertainment, Dance, Artist Singing and more.

Moreover, during the Merdeka week, there will also have a Singing Contest held at SKY TV.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaiah Organic

Isaiah Organic in Malaysia http://www.isaiahmaterasso.com.my

Isaiah Organic was brought into Malaysia since early 2008, by Mr Clifford Oh, was has over
25  years’ experience in the production and retail business of furniture.

He established the first Isaiah Organic concept store in a prime location in Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Subsequently, he has made Isaiah Organic a popular brand in
Malaysia because of the uniqueness compared to other conventional mattresses. It is a
mattress that incorporates the green concept and it is good for health, with materials and
fabric made from sustainable Eucalyptus trees, new age fiber, excellent Taiwan Bamboo
Charcoal and organic cotton.

The core of the mattress is made using Euro Eco Label standard materials, such as Eco
Memory Foam, Natural Latex and the most important of all, the patented handmade Rattan
Springs with Mother Nature’s best rattans.

However, we are continuosly improving, due to the ever-changing customer expectation
and our entrepreneurial insight of the market. We will keep on innovating and developing
products in the field of mattress. Isaiah is committed to bringing you natural, comfortable
and healthy sleep.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Penang Street Art

Some of the Penang streets suddenly become visitors focus and visiting spots. The Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuanian street artist currently living in George Town, located in the province of Penang, Malaysia has changed the almost dying Penang street back to alive.

Wall painting news become headline of the Penang's major newspaper. It was a good start of Penang Heritage George Town with such a wonderful street art in placed in conjunction of George Town Festival. A city with Heritage, Historical, Arts, Unique Culture combine perfectly with the modern living, high rise buildings, streets food, lifestyle shopping malls and lovely beaches.

Visitors are able to see paintings portrait Penang's most simple, inmaterialistic, pure and natural living lifestyle. The bicycle with 2 children riding on it are among the most popular wall painting. It has attracted most attention of the visitors when come to Penang. It is located at the Chulia Street, nearby Khoo Kongsi the famous heritage building in Penang.  

Visitors are so excited and inspired of the wall painting. Most of the visitors enjoyed taking photos on it, some shown a wonderful smiles and acting in front of the pictures.

Another painting which is among the best wall painting is a young boy riding on a motorbike. 

Another one the biggest wall painting you ever seen in Penang, an old man lying on the trishaw! I believe Penang's street art managed to pull more visitors and you will see many visitors willing to ride on a bicycle just to search these wall painting along the Penang's Heritage sites. Great job Ernest Zacharevic !

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic 2012 - London

The most exciting sport events that we are waiting for. The Olympic Games 2012, London will be brought to you LIVE online by YOUTUBE everyday. Penangites who are Datuk Lee Chong Wei fans can follow up the Badminton games on internet LIVE by log in to http://www.youtube.com/olympic Let's pray for Malaysia 1st ever Gold Olympic Medal in history by Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


洁莹与慧婷出现在槟城著名的购物广场Gurney Paragon 配合Astro Malaysian Music 与周金亮本地歌曲创作歌手一起戴歌戴舞唱《用槟城的沙滩来说爱你》。 歌曲如:《浪花一朵朵》, RASA SAYANG, 《大肚腩》《对面的女孩看过来》《用马来西亚的天气来说爱你》等明歌。。 歌迷饱受演唱的《热浪》气氛。。还有一瓶瓶的沙罐,配合音乐的旋律。。美极力!!

影视 :请游览http://penangchannel.com.my

Penang 1 Wedding Web 1 Bridal Portal

Penang has all it all for wedding services and bridal houses. Now you can just walk in to a website called Penang Webding (Wedding) site to search and ask for further inquiry at one click. It is easy and convenience so that you can plan your wedding with less hassles and time saving. Penangites also has the chances to see the bridal and wedding package by visiting the bridal fair from time to time. In month of July, there are 3 events are going on , PISA (Matta Fair - 6-8 Jul), Queensbay Mall (Honey Moon Wedding Fair 19-22 Jul) and Straits Quay (International Bridal Show 27-29th July)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss Tourism MATTA Penang 2012

The largest Miss Tourism Matta Penang 2012 is start to register now ! Welcome age between 18 to 25 , from Malaysia , Singapore , Phillipine , Vietnam & Indonesia to participant 2012 Miss Tourism Matta Penang 2012 . Final Round will be held at PISA from 6-8th July in conjunction with MATTA FAIR Penang 2012. Grand Final will be held in Traders Hotel Penang 7pm. Details please visit

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Penang Green Fiesta 2012

Another great effort from Penang Green Council toward Go Green program for Penang! It was a significant achievements in term of number of green citizen registered. One of the highlight of Green Fiesta in AutoCity in conjunction with World Environment Day Celebration. Huge 'Green Citizen' were turned up to witness the launching and opening of Green Fiesta. Total of 18 merchants took part for this event.

Penang state not only the state implement 'No Plastic bag', also only state in Malaysia implements 'Green Policy'.  To protect and save the environment, the color of the project is 'Go Green' project. From recycling, reuse to save water, food and electricity consumption, green economy is a huge business potential. More details refer to http://pgc.com.my/index.php/green-fiesta-2012-16-jun-2012 or visit Penang Channel http://penangchannel.com.my for videos and pictures

Penfurnex 2012 - PISA Penang

The biggest furniture Exhibition in Northern region - Penfurnex 2012 will be held at PISA on 22-24 June 9am-10pm.  One of the event highlight is the GIANT Chair weight guess contest. The visitors have chance to take back home a brand new iPad if they can guess the weight of the GIANT Chair (close to the actual).

On top of that there are grand prize to be won (Terms and Conditions apply).

Grand Prize : Perodua VIVA worth RM30, 000
2nd Prize : OEM 17 ½’ L Shape Kitchen Cabinet worth RM10, 168
3rd Prize : ‘Simmons’ Charmaine King Size Mattress worth RM9, 999

Details of the event highlights can be found at 

Also check it out the Penfurnex Promo Video

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