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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dolphins found in Penang Channel

It is unusual if you see dolphins swim in the sea is not clean or murky sea. This time the dolphin swims across Penang Channel made the public wondering is Penang Channel clean enough for dolphins live here? The answer is uncertain and not clear according to Malaysian Nature Society Penang branch advisor Kanda Kumar, it is not unusual to see dolphins swimming off the coast of Penang. 

“We don’t know how many dolphins there were here previously and we don’t know how many are there now as there was no proper research done,” he said.
Dolphin sightings off the coast of Penang used to be quite common more than two decades ago but these sightings have dwindled over the years.
In the past two years, however, dolphin sightings have started cropping up again and in recent months, a few dead dolphins also have washed ashore.
Kanda attributed the increase in dolphin sightings, especially around the second bridge, to more people frequenting that area due to ongoing construction works. 
Just let the dolphins story continue, hope one day that dolphins would be one of the extraction to Penangites!
Enjoy the video footage captured by a cameramen on boat.


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