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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AES locations in Penang

The AES (Automated Enforcement System) operations has been effectively on 18th Sep 2012. It was carried out and implemented at areas where accident happen frequently. People who caught by the camera because of drive exceeded speed limit and cross after red light will receive compound RM300 within 5 days according to the authority in charged. The system already caught more than 2 thousand traffic offenders and now awaiting for compound letter.

AES locations in Penang has not clearly defined but these are the areas already have AES system in placed.

The Google map link AES locations http://www.projects.feedgeorge.com/aes/


North Bound
*Around Ayer Hitam in 60km/h zone.
*Before Perwaja Steel.
*Sg Petani junction.
*Between Seberang Jaya junction and Sg Dua Toll.
* Penang Bridge at island end.Speed limit 80km/h.

South Bound
* Penang Bridge island end. Speed limit 80km/h.
*About 2km before Juru Toll Speed limit 90km/h.

Those identified AES areas nationwide are :  


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