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Penang 2nd Bridge Expected open in 1st March 2014

Penang Second Bridge open on 1st March 2014?

Penang Gangnam Style fever

The Korean Gangnam style became hot news which took the world by storm. It was reported in international CNN heavily and became the hottest youtube search around the globe. The PSY's Oppa Gangnam Style video hits more than 100 millions view just in a week!

Penang Escape Theme Park

Get a total hassel free weekend to enjoy the exiting rides and fun

Penang Street Art

Some of the Penang streets suddenly become visitors focus and visiting spots. The Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuanian street artist currently living in George Town, located in the province of Penang, Malaysia has changed the almost dying Penang street back to alive.


洁莹与慧婷出现在槟城著名的购物广场Gurney Paragon 配合Astro Malaysian Music 与周金亮本地歌曲创作歌手一起戴歌戴舞唱《用槟城的沙滩来说爱你》。 歌曲如:《浪花一朵朵》, RASA SAYANG, 《大肚腩》《对面的女孩看过来》《用马来西亚的天气来说爱你》等明歌。。 歌迷饱受演唱的《热浪》气氛。。还有一瓶瓶的沙罐,配合音乐的旋律。。美极力!!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Star Cruises Nasi Kandar Cooking Competition 2013 in Penang

The Star Cruises Nasi Kandar Cooking Competition 2013:
Winners of Penang's first ever Nasi Kandar cook-off announced

Hong Kong / Penang, 27 Aug, 2013 – The Star Cruises Nasi Kandar Cooking Competition 2013 onboard SuperStar Libra from 21-23 August 2013 witnessed the rise of new culinary experts. Organizer Star Cruises, the leading cruise line in Asia-Pacific, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of this three-day key event of Genting Hong Kong’s 20th anniversary.

Eastin Hotel’s Junior Sous Chef Mr. Mohd Fauzi Alias, 34, and housewife Ms. Maizatul Shila Bt. Mat Baki, 38, each triumphed over 15 other contestants in their respective professional and amateur categories in the three-day event, the first of its kind held in Penang. Each walked away with a RM5000 cash prize and 2 sets of 4D3N cruise with Oceanview stateroom with window cabin for two onboard SuperStar Gemini.

Ms. Maizatul of Taiping, Perak, burst into tears when her name was announced. “I’m very shocked.  This win is beyond my expectation. This is a dream comes true. I started off cooking only for my six children, and I’ve always cooked curry as my mother-in-law loves it so much. I’m grateful for my husband who has encouraged me to enter the competition.”

This is also Mr. Mohd Fauzi’s first Nasi Kandar cooking competition. He calls himself very lucky. “The other 15 contestants from the Professional Category are far more experienced than me, but I’ve worked hard in perfecting this dish by exchanging notes with my peers in order to produce flavours which suit different customers. I think this helped to capture the taste buds of the judges.”

Silver Medallion Awards went to Ms. Tan Lay Li and Mr. Jayaraj A/L Shanmugam in the Amateur and Professional Categories, respectively. Each received RM2,000 cash and a set of 4D3N cruise with Oceanview stateroom with window cabin for two onboard SuperStar Gemini.

Housewife Ms Tan, 58, is passionate about cooking, especially nyonya food. She was surprised to find herself finishing second. She hopes Star Cruises can organize more cooking competitions and promote this local cuisine to the world.

Mr. Jayaraj A/L Shanmugam, Owner cum Chef of Bountiful Kitchen Restaurant in Penang, was on cloud nine when he heard his name. “I’m really happy to know the judges love my curry fish head. I was a bit worried they wouldn’t like the fusion twist I gave to the authentic recipe,” Chef Raj said.

Student from Penang’s Golden Chef Culinary Academy Mr. Lim Li Wei and Assistant Chef of The Cruises Steak House Mr. Hasbullah Abd Hamid won the Bronze Medallion Awards of the Amateur and Professional Categories, respectively. Each received a RM1,000 cash prize and a set of 3D2N cruise with Oceanview stateroom with window cabin for two onboard SuperStar Gemini.

It was a memorable day for Lim, 26, to have won second runner up in his first cooking competition. “This competition surely has honed my culinary skills. What I’ve learned here is something I can’t learn from school.”

Hasbullah, 32, said his winning of second runner up will boost his confidence in Indian-Muslim cooking, and this experience will encourage him to participate in more competitions in the years to come.

Other than the Medallion Awards, seven Guests’ Choice Awards were given out. The judges for the awards were randomly selected passengers from not only Malaysia, but also around the world such as Australia, Iran, Pakistan and India. The winners are:

21 August (Amateur Preliminary Round): RM100 and 2D1N high sea cruise package onboard SuperStar Libra for two (Oceanview stateroom with window cabin) each.
  • Session 1: Mr. Lim Li Wei, student, Penang’s Golden Chef Culinary Academy
  • Session 2: Ms. Kathaye A/P Gopal, housewife
22 August (Professional Preliminary Round): RM100 and 2D1N high sea cruise package onboard SuperStar Libra for two (Oceanview stateroom with window cabin) each.
  • Session 1: Mr. Jayaraj A/L Shanmugam, Owner cum Chef, Bountiful Kitchen Restaurant
  • Session 2: Mr. Hasbullah Abd Hamid, Assistant Chef of The Cruises Steak House and Mr. Abd Majid Bin Sulaiman , Senior Chef de Partie, Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, Penang

23 August (Finals): RM300 and 2D1N high sea cruise package onboard SuperStar Libra for two (Oceanview stateroom with window cabin) each.
  • Amateur Category: Ms. Kathaye A/P Gopal, housewife
  • Professional Category: Mr. Hasbullah Abd Hamid, Assistant Chef of The Cruises Steak House
The Star Cruises Nasi Kandar Cooking Competition 2013 is endorsed by Penang State Tourism and supported by Chefs Association of Malaysia (Penang Chapter) and Malaysian Association of Hotels (Penang Chapter).

During the award presentation, Star Cruises surprised each contestant with a complimentary 2D1N high sea cruise package onboard SuperStar Libra for two (Oceanview stateroom with window cabin) to thank them for their participation. The unexpected announcement further escalated their excitement.

The competition had drawn overwhelming responses since its launch in July 2013. A total of 32 participants (16 from each category) were chosen to compete in the preliminary rounds staged onboard SuperStar Libra on 21 August (Amateur Category) and 22 August (Professional Category) in front of the star-studded panel of judges and cruisers.  The final was staged onboard SuperStar Libra on 23 August.

The winners of The Star Cruises Nasi Kandar Cooking Competition 2013 will be invited to show off their talent onboard SuperStar Aquarius when the ship is on its seasonal deployment at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah starting 6 November 2013, as well as onboard SuperStar Virgo, which currently homeports in Singapore, when it calls in Penang. 

Related videos link
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UxRlf86urw (Amateur Category - Preliminary Round Session 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bn7qPaWGQg (Amateur Category - Preliminary Round Session 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDJrqdtVDU4 (Professional Category - Preliminary Round Session 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKBLJr5L1Z4 (Professional Category - Preliminary Round Session 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ka8wh0qYPus (Amateur Category - Final Round and award ceremony)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzFqgGtqrh8 (Professional Category - Final Round and award ceremony)

On Star Cruises, every journey is a voyage of discovery and surprise.

For more details, please visit www.starcruises.com or call +852 2317 7711.
# # # # #

Ms Joyce Tan, Chief Finance Officer, Genting Hong Kong (eighth from left); Ms. Vivian Sim, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & PR, Genting Hong Kong (ninth from left) and YB Danny Law, Penang State Exco for Tourism Development and Culture (fifth from left) and Captain Lennart Jegerfalk of SuperStar Libra (behind Ms Vivian Sim) posing for group photo with all 32 contestants, judges and the organising committee of The Star Cruises Nasi Kandar Cooking Competition 2013.

Ms. Vivian Sim, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & PR, Genting Hong Kong (third from left) posing with winners of the Amateur Category. From left to right: Ms. Maizatul Shila Bt. Mat Baki (Gold Medallion Award), Mr. Lim Li Wei (Bronze Medallion Award), Ms Vivian Sim and Ms. Tan Lay Li (Silver Medallion Award).

Ms. Vivian Sim, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & PR, Genting Hong Kong  (second from left) posing with winners of the Professional Category. From left to right: Mr. Jayaraj A/L Shanmugam (Silver Medallion Award), Ms Vivian Sim, Mr. Mohd Fauzi Alias (Gold Medallion Award) and Mr. Hasbullah Abd Hamid (Bronze Medallion Award).

About Genting Hong Kong Limited (“Genting Hong Kong”)
Genting Hong Kong Limited is a leading global leisure, entertainment and hospitality corporation. A primary business activity of the company is cruise and cruise related operations under the brands of Star Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line. Star Cruises, together with Norwegian Cruise Line, is the third largest cruise operator in the world that owns a combined fleet of 19 ships visiting over 200 destinations in the world, offering approximately 39,000 lower berths.

Genting Hong Kong’s first foray in a land-based attraction, Resorts World Manila, opened its doors to the public in August 2009. Resorts World Manila is one of the premier leisure brands under the Genting Group and the Philippines’ first one-stop, nonstop vacation spot for topnotch entertainment and world-class leisure alternatives, featuring 3 hotels including a six star all-suite Maxims Hotel, an iconic shopping mall, 4 high-end cinemas and a multi-purpose performing arts theatre.

For more information, please visit Genting Hong Kong website http://www.gentinghk.com.

For media enquiry, please contact:

Cheong Cheng
Ang Chia Ling
Corporate Communications & PR
Corporate Communications & PR
Tel: (603) 23028851
Tel: (604) 2698 210


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Water UBAH

Penang attractions recently added a new icon called Water UBAH at IJM Promenade Penang. It has became the public attractions and discussion despite many do not agree on the project which is likely copycat of the Rubber Duck. It is discussed and widely spread in the social media, the successful rate of the project still under review as it will only display until 31st August 2013.

Many has dropped by at the IJM Promenade during weekend just to take photo with Water UBAH with the background view of Penang Bridge. People loved to see fresh and new things in Penang. After the Penang Street Art project has successfully withdraw visitors, this might be a great idea to attract more tourists to Penang Island. The old travel hot spots still become the choice of foreign tourists like Kek Lok Si Temple, Ferringhi Beach, Food Paradise, Gurney Drive and George Town Heritage.

A long bicycle track available the IJM Promenade for cyclists to bike along the coast, they also enjoy the Penang Bridge view. Only a discouragement was the formerly rubbish land can be seen just next to it and seem a bit ugly. What is next to unveiled for improve tourism industry? Let us wait and see

Friday, May 31, 2013

Rubber Duck to Penang?

The Inflatable Rubber Duck next stop maybe to Penang Island Malaysia after last residing at Victoria Harbour Hong Kong. Penang George Town may be the best location as the sea is calm and attractions around the Heritage city, the Ferry, Marina Bays and Penang Bridge.

The Rubber Duck appearances definitely will be the new attraction for Penang and will boost up the tourism industry as well. The creator of the giant rubber duck, Florentijn Hofman tried to entertain the world by a tour named "Spreading joy around the world" established in 2007. He aimed to recall everyoone's childhood memories by exhibiting the duck in 14 countries. Below picture taken from Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

More updates about Rubber Duck to Penang Project, visit facebook

Friday, May 17, 2013

UBAH (Change and Transformation) in Penang

Majority Penangites wanted for UBAH (Change and transform) to a better state as well as Malaysian for overall during the last general election. Total 74.56% of voters came out to vote for their best government (state and federal) on 5-May-2013.

The election campaign prior to the 5-May were the most aggressive and most number of attendance in the history. This was shown Penangites wanted for change and transform from heart. From the campaign 429 to 503 for clean government and for a fair and clean general election before the election.After the general election, although Pakatan Rakyat (People Coalition Party) not able to take over the government, the real hearted voters and supporters launched the rally against fraud election on 511 Black 505 to 518 One Person One Vote Save Democracy were fully demonstrated.

Despite not able to make it happen due to suspicious fraud conduct during 13th General Election. The rally has continued to boost up the voter confident and came out to voice their unsatisfactory about the fraud conduct. This may last after one or 2 weeks and Penangites shall be back to normal life and wait for the next General Election to come. They shall have learned and found the confident to fight for democracy and clean election instead.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Penang Undersea Tunnel

Once the Undersea Tunnel is completed and launched, what Penangites wanted to see is no traffic jam at areas that we identified as below traffic black area. Together with the Penang 1st Bridge and 2nd Bridge implemented, no one will complaint about being stuck or caught into traffic jam! Yes this is a great idea! This definitely will bring up the economy, tourism and business in George Town.

(Traffic Jam at Bayan Baru)
Assuming that the traffic flow is smooth and able to release to the road without any congestion. The fact is number of vehicles inside the Penang Island will increase tremendously. Now back to the parking problem, is Penang Island parking lots enough to cope with increase of double or triple number of vehicle?

(Traffic jam in George Town)

 (Traffic Jam in Butterworth to Penang)

 (Traffic Jam in Jalan Masjid Negeri)

 (Traffic Jam on Penang 1st Bridge)

(Traffic Jam in Udini to Greenlane)

Friday, February 22, 2013

PSY Live in Malaysia FMFA 2013 Sepang Kuala Lumpur

PSY will make his second appearance in Malaysia to perform live at 'Future Music Festival Asia' FMFA Sepang, Kuala Lumpur on 16 March 2013. His first appearance was on 11 Feb 2013 in Penang in conjunction with Chinese New Year Open House.

The Gangnam Style 'Horse Riding' dance fever continues spreading among the Malaysian.
Psy will perform on March 16 on the main stage. Watch the promo video now!

FMFA is the largest music festival on the South-East Asian shores and Malaysia is the only country to hold the FMFA outside of Australia. Tickets will be sold as either a single day pass or a two day weekend pass.

PSY fans can purchase the ticket online and will have chance to dance live together with PSY.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

PSY Gangnam Live Performance in Penang

The Korean most well known singer, PSY Gangnam Style who won several MTV music awards last year included MTV Europe Music Award and he also known as "King of You Tube" the 1st music video in You Tube went viral and exceeded 1 Billion views. He will make 1st appearance in Penang in conjunction with Chinese New Year open house organized by Penang BN (a politic coalition).

This is the most exciting news ever for Gangnam fans. You can watch his Gangnam Style (Horse riding ) dance live on stage in Penang at Hang Jiang School on Feb 11, Monday from 10 am to 1pm. Video coverage will be broadcasted in Penang Channel later. More news update, go to http://penangchannel.com.my

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Penang Swettehham Pier Cruise Terminal

SWETTENHAM PIER CRUISE TERMINAL is a major point of entry for tourists by sea of Penang Island, Penang Port is now able to receive some of the largest cruise vessels in the world with the completion of the new Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal in November 2009. 

Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal has the ideal facilities for cruise passengers arrivals and departures. The terminal is able to cater for larger cruise vessels carrying more than 2,000 passengers and also equipped facilities such as shopping lots and transportation facilities.

View Larger Map
Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal is located within the UNESCO Heritage Site, Penang will not only be an international cruise vessels  destination but also act as catalyst in the development of the local and international tourism industry.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Penangpac - Performance Arts Centre of Penang

The Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of enriching the communities of Penang through the performing arts.

Penang has a ready supply of artistic talent and creativity as well as a strong demand for artistic offerings but it lacked the infrastructure. penangpac will be the catalyst to bring the arts industry in the Northern region to a whole new level. Besides being a venue provider, penangpac will present a varied programme of artistic offerings in all genres of the arts featuring both local and international works, run educational programmes to nurture new talent particularly in the young as well as outreach programmes to bring the arts to those who would otherwise not have access to it.

3H-3A-1, Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjung Tokong,
10470 Penang.
 Tel : +604-899 1722
Website : http://www.penangpac.org
 Stage 1 
303- seater proscenium theatre with fixed seating & raised stage

Stage 2 
160-seater black box theatre with modular seating (seating structure can be removed completely)

3 multi-functional studios for rehearsals, classes, events & talks

2 gallery spaces for visual arts exhibitions

Production Office
for each theatre for hirers to use / work from

Friday, January 18, 2013

Penang Cycling Park Grand Opening

The 200km cycling track which was planned by Penang State Government being transformed into initial stage by converting Taman Bandar Ampang Jaja into Cycling Park. The official launching will take place on 20th Jan 2013 (Monday) 7 a.m. The organizer LP MTB Fans Club and MPSP (Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Prai) will flag off the official launching. Estimated 300 cyclists will take part in this grand opening.

Event details can be found at LP MTB Fans Club http://www.facebook.com/lpmtb

Cycling events became more popular especially more and more cycling events organized by group such as G Club http://www.gclub.com.my/ and car free day campaign (every Sunday at Beach Street) by State Government. The state government campaign 'Cleaner and Greener Penang' have encouraged more Penangites ride on bicycles to the road. This is a good sign and efforts for reducing carbon emission and fight global warming.

Another factor that drives Penang to achieve Cleaner and Greener city is the Street Art attractions around George Town. Many visitors just rented a bicycle and ride to the places where they can stop by and take photograph with the Street Art along the roads.

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