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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Penang Undersea Tunnel

Once the Undersea Tunnel is completed and launched, what Penangites wanted to see is no traffic jam at areas that we identified as below traffic black area. Together with the Penang 1st Bridge and 2nd Bridge implemented, no one will complaint about being stuck or caught into traffic jam! Yes this is a great idea! This definitely will bring up the economy, tourism and business in George Town.

(Traffic Jam at Bayan Baru)
Assuming that the traffic flow is smooth and able to release to the road without any congestion. The fact is number of vehicles inside the Penang Island will increase tremendously. Now back to the parking problem, is Penang Island parking lots enough to cope with increase of double or triple number of vehicle?

(Traffic jam in George Town)

 (Traffic Jam in Butterworth to Penang)

 (Traffic Jam in Jalan Masjid Negeri)

 (Traffic Jam on Penang 1st Bridge)

(Traffic Jam in Udini to Greenlane)


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