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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Penang Escape Theme Park

ESCAPE is the new genre of theme park with exciting rides and activities for everyone. ESCAPEwill be a world-class leisure and tourism destination that promotes an appreciation of nature in a fun and engaging manner. ESCAPE challenges people of all ages to embrace the notion that growing up is optional. At ESCAPE, there are no rules here, just act like a child and have fun!

One of the most popular activities is the Tubby Racer. A gravity ride in which the participant sits in a Tubby tube and enjoys a ride through a twisting and turning journey through the landscape. Single Tubby tubes can be used or can be linked together for a family to experience the thrill together.

One of the top attraction for adventure activity is Monkey Business. See how they enjoy and had fun being a 'MONKEY' There are 3 levels of challenging outdoor personal development and team building rope courses. By moving from one obstacle to another the participant uses balancing, climbing and reaching skills to navigate the course.

Map to go to Penang Escape Theme Park

To learn more and plan your holiday in Penang Escape Theme Park, visit http://www.escape.my


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