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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Penang Monorail

I have been hearing about Penang Monorail project quite long time ago and it seems to be a scrapped project by the federal government under 9th NEP New Economic Project after opposition party Pakatan Rakyat took over the Penang State Government. One side the people needs the Monorail badly to ease the traffic congestion in the island. One side objections and protests by the residents who are affected by the monorail route. So, this project became a 'scrapped' items, the Penangites live still going on as normal but suffer with traffics problem all the time especially during holidays season, office hours and some unforeseen weather.

For the sick of release the traffic congestion problem, no matter who take over the state, people in Penang hope this project can be on again, at least can ease the worse traffic problem especially too many cars moving on the narrow roads. The patience is really been tested when slow moving cars are queuing at the bottle neck areas. People may have already used to it, but for long term, numbers of hours wasted on the road is definitely a non-productive hours. For tourists, they are not interested to come to Penang anymore when they saw kind of problem repeatedly happen. Poor public transport, unorganized road system etc

Would this project still alive? Let's hear some good news which might be released by Federal Government this year 2012. Penang has mega project like Penang 1st bridge, 2nd bridge still under construction. Look at the Monorail route plan, It is a good plan and will benefit a lot of office and factory workers who rely on cars to travel to their work place.

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