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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lee Chong Wei - Champion Yonex Denmark Open 2012

 The world No 1 Penang born Datuk Lee Chong Wei finally make his dream came true and celebrating his best 30th birthday present as Champion Yonex Denmark Open this year 2012. He played very conservatively in the beginning, he makes a lot of mistake sending shuttle out of line or stuck on net. He lost the first game 15-21 to his opponent Du PengYu the world ranking No 7. Datuk Lee Chong wei change his game paste and played more aggressively against his opponent Du PengYu from China in the second game and won 21-12.
The real fight match went into 3rd game, both tried his best to score every point. Datuk Lee had tough fight with Peng Yu till point draw, 17-17, 18-18 and 19-19. Datuk Lee Chong Wei have advantage on hand when Du PengYu make mistake and for Datuk Lee gained his championship point. In the final point, he make a jumping smash and fell straight on the line. He won 21-19 with USD 30,000 back home! Congratulations Datuk Lee!


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