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About Us

Penang Channel - a green advertising platform

We are the pioneer in internet video advertisement and publicity ! Also we are the leader in Green Advertising as we do not rely on printing media such as magazine, advertisement booklets, paper flyers, brochures, newspapers, streamers and banners. The mass commercial TV and billboard is simply too costly for the local advertisers. Penang Internet Video Channel (IVC) featured video clips are purely local content, cultures, events, business, travels, talents, social works, etc which is happen in domestic.
Penang Internet Video Channel (IVC) is created solely for the benefits of the local audiences and their advantages to broadcast throughout worldwide. Penang Internet Video Channel (IVC) is a smart advertisement media for 21st century for every business owners in view the rise of internet social media like facebook, and the advanced technology such as iPhone and iPad enable people connect to internet or WiFi easily today.

The Penang Internet Video Channel (IVC) or in short Penang iChannel Brand name is helping local business reaches their viewers with the minimum cost and most importantly is environmental friendly . The contents are originated and adapted to the local needs and taste. Penang iChannel is allowed audiences to comment and interact. It was make more attractive to the local viewers and audience.

Further inquiry, send email to penangchannel@gmail.com or facebook

槟城网络电视频道完全是当地人创造观众的广告和宣传优势,他的例外好处是个全球广播的网络电视频道Facebook的兴起,以及先进的科技 iPhone 和 iPad 使人们更容易地连接到互联网


进一步查询,请发送电子邮件至penangchannel@gmail.com 面子书

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