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Penang 2nd Bridge Expected open in 1st March 2014

Penang Second Bridge open on 1st March 2014?

Penang Gangnam Style fever

The Korean Gangnam style became hot news which took the world by storm. It was reported in international CNN heavily and became the hottest youtube search around the globe. The PSY's Oppa Gangnam Style video hits more than 100 millions view just in a week!

Penang Escape Theme Park

Get a total hassel free weekend to enjoy the exiting rides and fun

Penang Street Art

Some of the Penang streets suddenly become visitors focus and visiting spots. The Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuanian street artist currently living in George Town, located in the province of Penang, Malaysia has changed the almost dying Penang street back to alive.


洁莹与慧婷出现在槟城著名的购物广场Gurney Paragon 配合Astro Malaysian Music 与周金亮本地歌曲创作歌手一起戴歌戴舞唱《用槟城的沙滩来说爱你》。 歌曲如:《浪花一朵朵》, RASA SAYANG, 《大肚腩》《对面的女孩看过来》《用马来西亚的天气来说爱你》等明歌。。 歌迷饱受演唱的《热浪》气氛。。还有一瓶瓶的沙罐,配合音乐的旋律。。美极力!!

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Penang Channel - a green advertising platform

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Penang George Town

The name of Penang and Pulau Pinang originate from the betel Areca nut palm tree called "Pinang" in Malay. It is found in the Penang State flag. In the George Town Bishop Street round about, next to Penang George Town Clock Tower, you can find a big 'Areca Nut' metal Art works. This is the symbol of Penang!

Penang George Town has obtained his World Heritage status since 2008. Tourist can experience the famous world heritage building and culture. Taking a trishaw ride starts with the Beach Road where Fort Cornwallis towards Chew Jetty.

Then walking back to Chulia Road and going towards Armenian Road would be interesting where you explore more attracted heritage building where there are Yap Kongsi and Khoo Kongsi temples, Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple, Dr Sun Yat Sen museum, Islamic museum etc. Of course the most interesting places would be the oldest temple along the Kapitan Masjid road namely 'Kuan Yin Teng'.

More updates on Penang Heritage Tour in my next post. Stayed Tune!

Penang Airport

Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Penang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia or PEN standing in for Penang International Airport tel +60 (0) 4 643 44 11 and fax +60 (0) 4 643 5399 is the Malaysia’s third busiest airport has the official IATA code of PEN. Located a mere 9.9 miles/ 16 km south of George Town, the airport serves a large region and provides extensive links with major cities across South East Asia and beyond. George Town is Penang region’s capital city.

Penang George Town obtained his World Heritage status in 2008, who over the years have come to adore the “Pearl of the Orient” and many return as often as they can. Malaysian people are friendly and charming and Penang, with its wonderful stalls selling delicious street food, its beautiful architecture and fascinating culture is attracting a large number of tourists every year.

Passengers arriving at the airport have a choice of public transport available. There are taxis, of course, but there are also 3 bus routes taking visitors from Penang International Airport into the capital city. The Rapid Penang service has its own bus counter on the ground floor level of the arrivals hall and a ticket for bus line U401 costs around 2 – 3 Ringgit. The bus will stop at a number of halts until it gets to Komtar, from where a 5 to 10 minute walk will take visitors to hotels like the Tune Hotel Penang. Due to the many stops, this service can be a lot slower than the name “Rapid” might suggest!

A the taxi counter in the arrivals hall, passengers can ask for assistance. Once the helpful staff know, which hotel a visitor is heading for, they will issue a voucher to the visitor, for which the visitor pays and the tourist then takes the paid voucher to the taxi stand. The taxi driver issues a counterfoil to confirm that the transaction has been concluded, when he/she delivers the passenger safely to their destination. This system is designed to reassure foreign travelers, who might be worried that due to language difficulties they might not negotiate the correct fare.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting to Penang from Butterworth

The oldest transportation to George Town Penang Island is by ferry transfer from Butterworth Jetty. There is bus terminal and also train station at Butterworth. You just need to walk to the ferry terminal within 100m away. You pay around one time RM1.20 for adult per trip. Back from George Town is free of charge. While you are boarding to the ferry, you can see the Penang George Town KOMTAR tower from far. The ferry will take approximately 15-20 minutes to reach George Town ferry terminal. Once you get down from ferry, you can either take RAPID bus service or taxi to go to George Town city center.

Ferry service is the oldest mode of transport between the mainland and Penang Island. Since Penang Bridge was completed in year 1985, most of the motorists are using the Penang Bridge. The first exit is Sungai Dua and use Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah to go to George Town. Now the distance to George Town was shorten by traveling along Tun Dr Lim Chong Ewe Expressway was built in Nov 2010.. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach KOMTAR George Town after exit from Penang Bridge.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Penang second Bridge

The Penang Second Bridgei s a new bridge under construction in Penang, Malaysia. It will connect Batu Kawan on the mainland Seberang Perai and Batu Maung on Penang Island.

 It will be the second bridge to link the island to the mainland after Penang Bridge. The total length of the RM 3 billion bridge is 24 km (15 mi) and will become the longest bridge in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd (CHEC) expected to start work on the second Penang bridge in November 2008 for completion in 2013.

The first bridge linked straight into Gelugor to Seberang with 13.5km Penang Bridge, which opened to traffic in September 1985, brought welcome relief as it enabled traffic from the island to mainland.

But over the years, traffic has built up again, especially during to and back office hours. Also during the festival seasons when people from outstation coming back to Penang for holidays. The 1st Penang Bridge also has been expanded one more lane for car.

With the development of the second Penang Bridge, it will create more business opportunity and constructions and the Batu Kawan, Batu Maung throughout the coastal area on the south.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chap Goh Meh Festival in Penang

Chap Goh Meh in Hokkien known as festival for the fifteenth in the Chinese Lunar New Year. It marks the first full moon of the Lunar New Year and the Chinese community celebrates this happy auspicious occasion with various activities.

The throwing of oranges into the sea is an important part of Penang ’s Chap Goh Meh cultural heritage. Traditionally, unmarried women would toss oranges into the sea. While doing so, hopeful unmarried men would try their luck at catching these oranges in order to meet their future spouse. Many decades back, the Chap Goh Meh Celebration is the only event where unmarried Nyonya women could be seen dressed in their kebaya nyonya either to throw oranges or to meet their sweethearts. But they were of course, accompanied by a family member.

The throwing of oranges into the sea event will be held at the Esplanade, Penang. Beside that, there are Dondang Sayang performers, lion dance and chingay performance.

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