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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Penang George Town

The name of Penang and Pulau Pinang originate from the betel Areca nut palm tree called "Pinang" in Malay. It is found in the Penang State flag. In the George Town Bishop Street round about, next to Penang George Town Clock Tower, you can find a big 'Areca Nut' metal Art works. This is the symbol of Penang!

Penang George Town has obtained his World Heritage status since 2008. Tourist can experience the famous world heritage building and culture. Taking a trishaw ride starts with the Beach Road where Fort Cornwallis towards Chew Jetty.

Then walking back to Chulia Road and going towards Armenian Road would be interesting where you explore more attracted heritage building where there are Yap Kongsi and Khoo Kongsi temples, Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple, Dr Sun Yat Sen museum, Islamic museum etc. Of course the most interesting places would be the oldest temple along the Kapitan Masjid road namely 'Kuan Yin Teng'.

More updates on Penang Heritage Tour in my next post. Stayed Tune!


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