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Friday, May 17, 2013

UBAH (Change and Transformation) in Penang

Majority Penangites wanted for UBAH (Change and transform) to a better state as well as Malaysian for overall during the last general election. Total 74.56% of voters came out to vote for their best government (state and federal) on 5-May-2013.

The election campaign prior to the 5-May were the most aggressive and most number of attendance in the history. This was shown Penangites wanted for change and transform from heart. From the campaign 429 to 503 for clean government and for a fair and clean general election before the election.After the general election, although Pakatan Rakyat (People Coalition Party) not able to take over the government, the real hearted voters and supporters launched the rally against fraud election on 511 Black 505 to 518 One Person One Vote Save Democracy were fully demonstrated.

Despite not able to make it happen due to suspicious fraud conduct during 13th General Election. The rally has continued to boost up the voter confident and came out to voice their unsatisfactory about the fraud conduct. This may last after one or 2 weeks and Penangites shall be back to normal life and wait for the next General Election to come. They shall have learned and found the confident to fight for democracy and clean election instead.


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