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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Water UBAH

Penang attractions recently added a new icon called Water UBAH at IJM Promenade Penang. It has became the public attractions and discussion despite many do not agree on the project which is likely copycat of the Rubber Duck. It is discussed and widely spread in the social media, the successful rate of the project still under review as it will only display until 31st August 2013.

Many has dropped by at the IJM Promenade during weekend just to take photo with Water UBAH with the background view of Penang Bridge. People loved to see fresh and new things in Penang. After the Penang Street Art project has successfully withdraw visitors, this might be a great idea to attract more tourists to Penang Island. The old travel hot spots still become the choice of foreign tourists like Kek Lok Si Temple, Ferringhi Beach, Food Paradise, Gurney Drive and George Town Heritage.

A long bicycle track available the IJM Promenade for cyclists to bike along the coast, they also enjoy the Penang Bridge view. Only a discouragement was the formerly rubbish land can be seen just next to it and seem a bit ugly. What is next to unveiled for improve tourism industry? Let us wait and see


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