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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Penang Bridge Marathon - Fun Run

Penang Bridge Marathon 2012 is the last marathon for 1st Penang Bridge. Next year marathon will be held at Penang 2nd Bridge (which is now still under construction). Many years back i took part in Penang Bridge full marathon, i still remember how stressful and painful of both my leg. Very fortunate, i managed to finish the run, but have to take almost a week to rest down because both leg can't really walk properly after the run.

This round due to aging, i just go for Fun Run. You can see the different - a lot of fun, no pain, no stress!! See the picture and video i took along the fun run.


Many just take a walk and run for fun, bring along family members, to enjoy the sweeps, the beautiful scenery, no traffics, fresh morning air and sun shine. Your mind and soul became so relax when you walk on the Penang Bridge which is totally no traffics.
Morning sunshine is so beautiful and charming...Do you think wanna to join the Marathon (fun run) again next year? Do not hesitate to post your comment. Thank you!


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