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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Penang Traffic

More and more traffic jam can be seen especially before and after office hours in Penang Island and Penang Bridge. You can see the car moving slow, bumper to bumper and is really testing the Penangites driving patience. In the festival seasons, the traffic flow into Penang Island is heavier than usual. Most of the town area packed with the cars. Due to lack of sufficient public transport system like LRT, the Penangites are mainly travel from one place to another by own vehicle. That is why the number of vehicles either cars or motorbikes are getting more in Penang now.

The traffic jam can be seen most of the time at the junction to Penang Bridge towards Butterworth and also the 'tunnel' to George Town for those cars from Butterworth. The bridge traffic hopefully can be release when the second Penang Bridge is completed. Those workers who work in Bayan Lepas and Seberang Jaya Industrial Estates are encouraged to use B.E.S.T (Bridge Express Shutter Transit) as part of the Penang State to reduce the vehicle flow into Penang Bridge as well as to reduce some of the burden in petrol and toll fees.

Time that wasted on the road especially caught in jammed are probably the non-productive time for the Penangites. How this can be resolved? Penangites are advisable to check on the Penang Bridge Traffic Check on the website before departure if they want to cross the bridge. Hope all Penangites will work together to overcome this Penang Traffic issues. Hope Penangites able to enjoy the stress free and healthy lifestyle soon!


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