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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Penang Sakura blossom

Around Feb to Mar each year, the 'Sakura' trees in Penang will blossom. You can see the flowers blossom and dropping on the streets along the road in Bayan Baru. Called the Tabebuia Rosea in scientific terms, these flowers sprout in colours of white, pink, and pastel purple leaving trails of fluffiness on the ground and making it the most eye-catching Penang scenery of the month. Penangites need not to go to Japan to see the Japan Sakura, the 'Sakura' Penang blossom as beautiful and magnificent that you seen in Japan. A good opportunity for Penang Municipal Council to plant more 'Sakura' trees in Penang Island and Seberang Prai as part of promoting Penang Tourism.

Also known as  Pink Tecoma or Rosy Trumpet tree, this species is native in Central and South America at thetropical belt. Commonly found growing from sealevel to 1,200 m (3,937 ft), in temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C on average, with annual rainfall above 500 mm, and on soils with very variable pH (Wikipedia ~ Tabebuia Rosea).


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