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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adwave Miss Tourism Search

ADWAVE's Miss Tourism Search sponsored by Follow Me is looking for potential girls who is proud of their origins and able to parade Malaysia's culture and tradition in style! If you are the one we are looking for,

1. Summit 2 clear photos of yourself in white T & Jeans:
(a) 1 head shot
(b) 1 full body shot

2. Personal details(name, age 18-30, email address, phone number & college/university).

3. I love Follow Me because....(in less than 20 words)

* Submission must be sent to ADWAVE2011.FOLLOWME@gmail.
com & deadline will be on 13th March 2011.

And the winners will get:

1st prize- RM1000 and FM hamper worth RM250
2nd prize- RM500 and FM hamper worth RM150
3rd prize- RM300 and FM hamper worth RM100
Goodie bag with FM products worth RM100 for 10 finalist.

*Top 3 winners as FOLLOW ME ambassadors with 1 year contracts.
** Shortlisted contestants must be able to attend interview & the Finale in Penang.
*** ADWAVE's Miss Tourism Search is brought to you by Follow Me.


where to get the form??how to summit??any one can tell me?thks

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