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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Penang Meatless Day

Date : 21st Nov 2010
Venue : Jalan Padang Kota Lama (Esplanade)
Organizer : Malaysian Meatless Day Campaign Committee
Time : 10am - 2pm

World Meatless Day is a very unique exercise, with the purpose to help promote awareness among people of the world about compassion for all life through the non-violent practice of vegetarianism.  
The world is changing and vegetarianism is becoming an accepted way of life. Vegetarianism is a magic pill that could not only add years to your life, but could also protect you from heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases so common in our modern society and keep you slim in the bargain.
Vegetarians tend to eat far greater quantities of fruits and vegetables, high in anti-oxidants, the main agents in repairing the wear and tear on our bodies incurred in daily living and strengthening our immune systems. Early repair of damaged DNA cells is important in preventing cancer and diseases such as arthritis and arteriosclerosis and even cataracts. A well-balanced vegetarian diet naturally contains all proteins and amino acids necessary for good health.
Animal protein contains high amounts of uric acid, which put great strain on our kidneys and subsequently our livers. Also meat in modern times contains large quantities of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics that wreak even more havoc on our systems. In fact, antibiotic use in animal farming has been implicated in recent bacterial resistance to these drugs, creating new breeds of super-bacteria thus endangering all our lives.
Most people become vegetarians for reasons of health or animal welfare. However there is another equally important reason to curtail meat eating, and that is the health of our planet. Vegetarianism, or even just cutting back on the amount of meat and fish one consumes, is a way to help the earth fight back - a way to protect ourselves, the animals and the environment and replenish the dwindling food resources on our planet.


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