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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Penang Air Itam Dam

Penang Air Itam Dam is a common place for people to have morning jog, walk, cycling or excercise. Most of them will hike up here to get a fresh air and stay away from the urban noise. If you want to get here, you might want to follow the way to Kek Lok Si pagoda because they share the same road, and there are two ways you can come up to this dam.

Penang Dam located on top the hill in Air Itam, it is the oldest electric generating dam in Penang. The key of the dam is to generate electric while providing water to thousand of life in Penang. The lake can store thousand of tons of water which also support numerous surrounding flora and fauna. When you jog or walk around the dam, you can probably see and enjoy the forest fresh air and beautiful hill scenery.


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