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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Penang Hill Beautiful Panoramic View

When you come to Penang, beside enjoy the delicious local foods, one place you must not missed is Penang Hill ! If you do not have rush schedules, I suggest you to stay overnight to experience the beautiful of Penang Hill and whole Penang Panoramic View. The night lights and spots are so beautiful and you can just sitting at the balcony of the hotels or bungalow for hours.

If you want to catch the sunrise view, you got to wake up at 6am in the morning. The sunrise is so calm and so beautiful. It is unforgettable experience and memory when you feel the cool air and amazing beautiful sunrise view from the top of 830 meter high (2,750 foot) hill.

It's much cooler than in the city below. It's about 3 degrees cooler than the places near the coast. You may fall in love with the beautiful scenery,cool air and peaceful environment.


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