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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Penang Sky Cab

Penang Chief Minister announced the project Sky Cab to further improve connectivity between its island and the mainland. The proposal would link Penang Sentral Transportation Hub in Butterworth to Nordin Street Ghaut in George Town.

The first phase of the Penang Sky Cab, proposed by Penang Sentral, will feature 40 cabins that could transport about 1,000 passengers both ways per hour.The aerial ride between the mainland and the island is expected to take only 15 minutes.

Lim said the project, which is now at an advanced exploratory stage, is expected to be ready by 2018.

There is also a proposed observation tower in the north channel for passengers to stop and enjoy the view in the middle of the sea.

The project was an initiative of the state government and Penang Sentral, and which was discussed from last year and was in advanced exploratory stage at present. “It will provide an alternative form of travel in an easier, faster and more comfortable way.‘With the implementation, Penang Sentral will become a five-in-one travel hub offering from taxi, buses, train, ferry and Sky Cab services,” he said at a press conference at Komtar here.

The landing point is located on state land outside the heritage zone on the island. With the implementation of Sky Cab, it is expected to extract more tourists to Penang.
Lim said the project will be subject to various approvals and that Penang Sentral and the state government will also get the Penang Port Commission’s (PPC) views on it.
“PPC do not have any objections to it as it does not obstruct the north channel or affect port activities,” he said.


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