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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

In recent years, the prevalence of the 3D art, the visual effect is more three-dimensional, real, so that the audience can enjoy not only paintings, but also seems to be able to walk into the painting, play a fun.

In Penang, 3D is not only an art gallery, and today is the city to introduce 3D newly opened Museum of Art, called Penang Trick Art Museum, located in Penang Lane (Lebuh Penang), and vegetarian restaurants "dripping Square" of war before the old house in the same row.

The museum is being set up in Penang by six people, among them there are interior designers, painters, sculptors, and other mass media expert, by chance, the individual exert itself to be versatile, contributed to this is known as Penang's first pure hand-drawn 3D museum.

They invested a total of 1.8 million ringgit funds spent six months of preparation, the museum just opened for business on October 25, stage 42 with 3D works, wait Tell me what they experience together.

Feature of the museum is that each piece is hand-painted mural 3D, which is likely to use other 3D printing painting art gallery and different.

To make a richer style of the person in charge to hire 12 artists from home and abroad surgeon, many of whom are local professionals Arts Institute (THE ONE ACADEMY) students prove local talent.

Also, each painting will be consistent to the ground, so that the whole picture which is very Cohesive, but do not like the other 3D museum, as often only take "half-length portrait." Otherwise, the photo will be "Goof" in dilemma.

Variable geometry makes one high and one low

Penang Trick Art Museum to play surprises. There is a room for two people standing side by side pictures.

Hey, how the photo came out, one becomes a giant, one has become a dwarf?

Ask after the original scene in this room playing with the visual illusion of technology, through geometry, law and other means of visual imaging, image-making, visual deceptive conduct deceive the eye.

They have been highly similar, standing on the same platform, and it was "making" into a high, a low, really quite fun.

Must bring their imaginative play snake swallowed

Painting is dead, people are living, want to play 3 D Museum, the best with a rich imagination, as well as the cells come flamboyant theatrical museum, including your fun.

After "big snake" mural, may wish to lie on the ground, painfully stretched out his hands for help, scream or two, if necessary, play a play quickly engulfed the python look.

In addition, when came to "surf" mural, then you can imagine yourself already living in Taiwan Kenting beach, the embodiment of chic beach boy, arms over their heads, body surfing straight, really handsome earthshaking.

Photo stickers make more realistic reference angle

"Magic World", the photo looks like a magician after being hypnotized, like suspended in the air, staged surgery supernatural.

The museum covers an area of 6000 square feet, divided into two main themes, the ground floor of the theme is "Penang history", the theme of the second floor is the "adventure."

Other works include "Zang teacher and student learn," "fast-paced world of butterflies", "bullock cart", "Panda", "ancient" and so on.

Took 90 minutes to finish

The museum has some work to life, there are some in the visual is just okay, slowly enjoy it, through the whole museum takes about 90 minutes.

Make photos more realistic, the organizers wish to refer to the angle provided, they will close arrow stickers on the floor, standing in front of the arrow stickers finder, including correct.

test acting dinosaur attacks

"Dinosaur attacks" mural is the test of individual acting, some people will lie on the ground, "play dead," some people will panic barking. Those who like to play the hero, it may come to a "single-handedly beat the dinosaurs," the drama of it!

Some ladies go the route of the girls, if let go figure lying on the floor to take pictures, it does not matter, because there are many works of this museum is to let u have Sisiwenwen photographed.

Sampan boat scene

Among these, I remember comparing "surname Bridge" painting, the scene really put a sampan boat, let's ride. At that moment, I seem to enter a surname with friends bridge the historical monuments, leisurely cruises, romantic and sentimental experience water of life.

There are retro styling of "tricycle", "rickshaw" scenes, you can make babes ride, enjoy taking pictures fill.

Lightweight dress to complete the task

To this museum fun, best lightweight dress. This is because I walked on, you never know what you may need to lie on the ground, lying down, jumping, to complete the mission.

In addition, there are some scenes need shoes to enter the camera, it is best to wear some shoes off easily, or all day squatting shoelaces, shoes belt, is a waste of time.

Museum is open daily

In order to maintain the operation of the museum entry fee will be levied to the participants, children and senior citizens aged 12 or under charged RM10 per person, adult charges 15 ringgit, 25 ringgit per person of foreign tourists.

The museum is open daily, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, weekends or public holidays 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


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