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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Naked and Afraid vs Nude Sport Games

The Nude games participants are under arrest by the local authority after the video leaked to the social media. It was became the local main stream headlines news and repeatedly under public attention. What was actually went wrong to this group of people? Video from the festival – entitled “Nude Sport Games 2014” – quickly went viral after appearing on social media in early August. 

The footage showed over a dozen naked people engaged in different activities on a remote beach in Malaysia’s northwestern state of Penang. 

According to the video, the program for the naturist event included body painting, dancing and relay races. There were also some unique disciplines during the meetup, including ‘Swim over body,’ in which a nude woman was crawling over the bodies of three naked males, and ‘Gangnam style! Horse dance’ that required a female to ride on a man’s back.

The popularity of the video landed its stars in big trouble, causing outrage among Malaysia’s Muslim population. 

Eight of them already surrendered to local police station but police still looking for seven other participants including participants from Myanmar and Philippines.

Police said they were investigating the suspects under Sections 294(a) and 509 of the Penal Code. Section 294(a) states that whoever, to the annoyance of others, does any obscene act in any public place shall be punished with a maximum three months jail or a fine or both.

Under Section 509, a person guilty of using a word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of another can be jailed up to five years or fined or both.

On the another hand, there was a film was aired by Discovery Channel in April 2014- Naked and Afraid in Malaysia http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/naked-and-afraid/videos/naked-in-malaysia.htm . The film also available in Social Media YouTube for public viewing. In this case, there was no punishment by above Penal Code. What would you say and comment about it?

The popular reality television show produced by Renegade 83 Entertainment for Discovery Channel featured firefighter Fernando Calderon and single mother Samantha Pearson, surviving in Malaysian rain forest for 21 days. The programme chronicled the lives of the two, who met for the first time and handling the task of surviving in the wilderness, naked.

According to the source, the episode was shot in Royal Belum Forest in Perak.
Eventhough the episodes went on air on April 13, 2014 in Discovery Channel, the netizens was shocked to find out that the whole episode was shot here in Malaysia.


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