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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Penang Gurney Drive

Penang Gurney Drive is one of the most crowded area in Penang for visitors. Gurney Drive have the long stretch pedestrian lane and beautiful seafront view. You may takes for half an hour walk from one end to another end around 3km. Gurney Drive also well-known because of the hawker food or street food offer there. Foreigners like most of the food found there like Char Koay Teow (Fried Koay Teow), Penang Asam Laksa, Penang Chendol, Hokkien Mee and many others.

The visitors also attracted to nearby popular shopping complex for shopping and entertainment. Inside the shopping complex, you can find cinemas, Karaok Lounge and western restaurants too. If you want to stay for longer, you can find many 3-5 stars hotels along the Gurney Drive. The expatriates like this area very much beside Tanjung Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah which closer to the beaches at the north of George Town. Gurney Drive can be their better choice for 2nd home because closer to shopping area, churches, schools, banks and George Town.


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