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Monday, May 9, 2011

Penang Durian Fair

Penang is a state in Malaysia we called it 'has it all for you'. Penang has clean and long beaches, rich multi-cultural events, heritage building and places, natural reserved forest, best street food and now Penangites can enjoy the king of all fruits - durian. Durian will harvest in June-July. The durian in Penang are variety. You can find those you never try before, the aroma is so good, you are certainly lovely till licking fingers and wanted to try some more.

The areas where you can find durian plants are Balik Pulau and Teluk Bahang. There are also different durian name. D15, D11, D17, D600, D700, Hor Loh, Ling Fong Jiau, Ooi Kyau, Xiao Hong, Ang Heh..etc The price per piece is around RM15-25 depends on the grade. Some they sell in kilogram.

For Penangites, you can also book one day tour to the durian farm, have it all day durian there, at the same time you can enjoy nature, learn how to differentiate the durian grade and also how to open the durian. You just pay one sum of money (RM45-50) and eat all you can!

To see
Penang Durian Fair video 1
Eating Penang durian in video 2
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