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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cash Voucher Tsunami Hits Penang !

You may heard about about 1 day sales, warehouse sales or best sales in the supermarket or shopping malls especially in conjunction with the festivals season like Chinese New Year, Christmas, New Year Eve, Hari Raya Puasa, school holidays, public holidays or on special occasion like Mother's Day etc. The shoppers will go out and line up even in the raining just to get the best discount, sound familiar? But this time the discount is not just limited to shopping centers, but is going into retail shops such as saloons, restaurants, cinemas, and the list goes on. The retailers especially facing the tough time to get the business moving, the discount tsunami went into the retailers shops just at the right time. They required such a best promotion strategies.

'Discount Tsunami and War' already hit Penang. One of the most popular site is Everyday.com.my ! They are expanding from Kuala Lumpur region to Penang, Ipoh and Johore. The good news for Penangites is Everyday giving best discount coupon almost daily. The discount rate can up to 70%! Wow, what's a big deal for consumers in Penang. They can just log in to the site and purchase the coupons online by credit card or online transfer. The consumers can spend it wisely by selecting the best deals while they needed.


Now there're few more evoucher website
1. Aibay.com.my
2. Webuy.com.my
3. Ilovediscount.com.my

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