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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tow Boo Kong Temple 斗母宫, Raja Uda Penang

Tow Boo Kong Temple 斗母宫 is located near to the north traffic junction of  Lebuhraya Lingkaran Luar Butterworth and Jalan Raja Uda. Tow Boo Kong Temple 斗母宫 is a Toaist temple in Butterworth with an impressive building  architectural design, which has intricate carvings and sculptures done by 50 craftmen from China.

The construction of the temple began in 1996 and was officially completed on the 26th of April 2000 at a cost of 7 Million.
Tow Boo Kong Temple 斗母宫 comprises of three sections which includes the Front Prayer Hall, the Scared Prayer Room and the Dou Mu Prayer Hall.  At the basement of the temple, there is a Conference Room  and  right behind the Sacred Room is the Inner Courtyard.

Every year, the Tow Boo Kong Temple 斗母宫 held for nine days the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, from the first day to the ninth day of the 9th lunar month. This is when the spirits of the Nine Emperor Gods which are believed to dwell in the starts, descend to earth and possess the spirits mediums, putting them in a trance. During the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, many devotees will go on a vegetarian diet. Stalls are set up to sell vegetarian food, vegetarian cake and goodies. An opera show will also be performed as a mark of respect to the Gods.

Learn more about Tow Boo Kong Temple 斗母宫,  click here


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